Frequently asked questions

Q: How much are the shipping costs for my product?
A: You can see the shipping costs after you added a product to the basket.
You can find an overview here as well.

Q: Does a CAE shifter stress my transmission more than a stock shift lever?
A: a synchro ring is most stressed by
1. too high shifting force
2. Misshifting
Basically, the shifting paths with a CAE shifter are significantly shorter than with the standard lever. We achieve a 30 to 55% reduction, depending on the vehicle and transmission type. This is achieved only by the appropriate gear ratio of the shift lever. The force for engaging the gears decreases in the same ratio, so we shift the gears with significantly less load on the synchros.
In addition, with a correctly tuned CAE shifter, shifting is very precise and misshifts extremely rare.
The claim that a CAE shifter damages the synchrons is FALSE
We have some “daily drivers” in our customers who have already made up to 400,000km with our shifter and have no problems with their gearbox.

Q: Where can i get the instruction manual for my Shifter?
A: In the product description there is a .pdf file that can be downloaded.

Q: How can i clean / maintain my shifter?
A: You can clean your Shifter with Brake Cleaner or IPA (Isopropanolalcohol) and a soft rag. Don't spray the cleaner directly onto the Shifter, (otherwise the movable parts get degreased) rather spray it on the rag and wipe off the shifter.
The movable parts should be greased once a year. We recommend the HHS 2000 from Würth (Link) or other comparable grease
Below you find a picture where the parts are marked that need to be treated. (depending on you shifter, it can be various)

click for a larger size

Q: Does the Shifter has an operatin license, can it be registered to to car documents?
A: CAE ULTRA Shifter are street legal in Germany and we have TÜV papers for the most.
If you are interested, get in contact with us, using service(at)

Q: Can the Shifter directly be installed in your workshop?
A: Yes, after a date arrangement. Please contact us at service(at)
Please add your car type

Q: Can you send me an offer?
A: Yes, we like to send you an offer if you are interested in five Shifters or more.

Q: Do you provide collective orders?
A: No.

Q: I like to register as an reseller, is this possible?
A: Yes, you'll find the informations here.

Q: Do i need to pay VAT?

A: As VAT registered Company in the EU you don't pay VAT. Please register in our webshop and send us your VAT Nr for validation. After this we provide ex VAT prices.
privates in the EU need to pay VAT.
All buyer outside EU dont pay VAT.