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 reg. our TÜV certifcate

CAE - The specialist for H-pattern racing shifters

All synchromesh gearboxes provide much more potential for motorsport use.
Unfortunately, the standard gearshift mechanism prevent this often.

Transform your manual shifted car into a real racecar by using CAE Ultra shifter !

Incredible improvements can be achieved in almost all vehicles;
in your daily driver as well as in your hardcore Tracktool
The CAE Ultra Shifter has been specifically developed for H-Pattern gearboxes.
It works with synchromesh and dog box gearboxes as well.
The clutch system remains original and modifications of the
gearbox himself are not required.

CAE Ultra Shifters are continuously developed in collaboration
with selected independent tuning specialists to meet the customer needs

and the market requirements. The user feedback is immediately taken
into consideration and the serial production is adapted accordingly.
all our shifters are TÜV approved and street legal
Therefore, we are the right partner for ambitious driver of H pattern gearboxes.

We are studying more intensively in the field
of Shifting Technology than anyone else!

New products
CAE Ultra Shifter Fiat 500 Abarth

CAE Ultra Shifter Fiat 500 Abarth

starting from 1.039,00 € *
CAE Ultra Shifter BMW

CAE Ultra Shifter BMW

starting from 869,00 € *
CAE Ultra Shifter für Toyota YARIS GR

CAE Ultra Shifter für Toyota YARIS GR

starting from 879,00 € *