B2B * How does my company become a CAE partner?

We often receive inquiries from companies who want to become sales and installation partners. We are also very interested in competent partners who work with our products and look after our customers in the way we expect.

We ourselves have very high demands on our company, our quality, our sales network - and last but not least, the perfect support for our valued customers! We also don't want to market our products on any arbitrary platform, we place great value on a selected network of top sales partners.

Because for us B2B clearly means “quality instead of quantity”!

We only consider partners who already meet certain requirements.
Then we are ready to start a cooperation with you:

  • Your company should operate in the field of motorsport / tuning and be very familiar with the requirements of the corresponding vehicles and with associated products. We assume comprehensive professional competence and absolute reliability!
  • As part of complete conversions, your company is able to competently demonstrate the advantages of our motorsport gearshift systems to the customer and carry out the installation professionally! Any problems that may be associated with this must be solved as independently and professionally as possible. Of course, we are helpful to our partners in solving problems, but we expect clear, understandable communication and extensive initiative in advance as well as the search for solutions! We expect a functioning exchange of knowledge with our partners. Findings gained from installation, testing or problems and solutions that have occurred should be documented and communicated to us immediately. This is the only way to ensure permanent further development of the products and excellent customer support! We benefit from this - but so do you!
  • Trust in our partners and their way of working is very important to us. We want to be able to send our customers to you without worries - knowing that they will be looked after by you according to our expectations!
  • After a certain period of cooperation, our partners should be ready to regularly stock a minimum of our products. Professional companies in the field of motorsport can usually Estimate how many cars are coming per year and also which models are involved. Delivery bottlenecks and additional logistical work can thus be reduced to a minimum and guarantee smooth processes for both sides! Depending on the turnover, our partners receive a more attractive discount rating and various advertising material packages (drop flags, rollups, print products etc.) can be made available at cost price. This is to be negotiated individually
  • We expressly do not want our products to be resold on the known online marketplaces. Offering competitive CAE products in your company's product range is also an exclusion criterion. We also do not offer any exclusivity or territorial protection.

  • We attach great importance to professionalism, seriousness, reliability and loyalty in cooperation with other companies, as we also live this philosophy in-house.

If the above conditions apply to your company, please send us an inquiry.
Please proceed as follows:

  1. Set up a customer account on our homepage, all company-relevant data will be stored there.
  2. At the same time, send us an email with your request and a small self-portrait (history, service focus, core competencies, number of employees, online presence, etc.)
    to b2b(at)cae-racing.de

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible
and look forward to working with you!